Sweet in Suits

Suits have always been in my mind. To me, it’s just a symbol of the carefree woman. Since suits are commonly known as a man’s item, a woman who wears a suit must not give a damn. I love women in suits.

From Katharine Hepburn to Janelle Monae, the woman who wears a suit stands out.

I’ve never been a fan of fitted pants, so when I had the opportunity to get a suit made, I showed my tailor multiple pictures of baggy in the legs suited-up ladies.

Being 5’3″ and petite, getting a custom suit was basically a necessity. With everything made to my measurements, it all fits just right. The waist-to-thigh ratio isn’t off, my shoulders rise to the occasion and the length sits where it needs to. I was finally becoming a “women in suits.”

She did a great job, but honestly, I could go baggier and bigger.

It’s so easy to dress up or dress down. A pair of sneaker for cool and unaffected, or bright colored heels so everyone knows who they’re talking to. And the shirts you can wear underneath? Limitless to present the image you’re looking for.

There is a real fear of a suit looking costume-y or cartoonish. In my opinion, the only real way to get passed this is to own it. Putting on a costume is one of my favorite things. I often have a character name when I’m inspired by a look. Meet Janet.

Do you love a good suit? Have trouble finding the right one? Who are some of your favorite women in suits?

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Jenita is writer, photographer, director overall known as a creator. She enjoys all things pasta, tulle and menswear. You can often find her dancing to music that may or may not be playing and saying she’ll meet you at the bar but watching art-house cinema instead.

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