Feeling and Dressing Romantic

The easiest way to feel romantic, is dressing romantic. When I put on a slip dress in a soft fabric, and a long and flowing throw over on top of it, I feel sweet as mango cheesecake.

Pull inspiration from lands of goddesses and renaissance paintings. Fairies and love poems and things that taste delicious all lend to dressing romantic that day. It doesn’t always have to be white and ruffles, but think curves instead of lines. The muted green in this shoot works well with many skin tones.

I’m very straight shaped, lend for a bubble butt that doesn’t share enough to give me hips. Slip dresses work so wonderfully since they drape and flatter the small curves I do have.

Dressing romantic doesn’t have to be all dresses, though. I believe it’s much more in the fabric and personality. Pair a tailored pant with a silky blouse, and a soft gaze. Eat a macaroon. Listen to Serge Gainsbourg. Take extra time putting on moisturizer. Pick flowers. Go to the cafe and nurse your coffee and biscuit for two hours.

Everyone can have a little more romance in their lives. It’s essential to soften the regular rough of our daily routines.

Essentials for dressing romantic:

What are some of your favorite romantic looks? Check out my pin for some of mine!

Jenita is writer, photographer, director overall known as a creator. She enjoys all things pasta, tulle and menswear. You can often find her dancing to music that may or may not be playing and saying she’ll meet you at the bar but watching art-house cinema instead.

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