Why I Deleted Instagram

pre- deleted Instagram

It’s 2019 and I’ve started a blog. I’ve done all the reading and research about how I should be doing it. My money is invested in softwares and domains and “for business” add-ons. So it’s probably a surprise, and a bit unwise that I have now deleted Instagram.

Let me be a little more clear, by deleted Instagram, I’ve deleted the app from my phone. I left the profile up, however. In 2019, I only want to do things that make me feel good. And Instagram wasn’t exactly doing that. I had a talk with best friend (who is now across the continent), we both decided to make that leap.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because social media can be incredibly toxic!

Thanks iOs

An early morning call for me, and a late nite for her, then bam! – these apps we spend so much time on are just gone. With the iOS update that tells you how much time you’re spending on your phone, I’m sure a lot of people were undoubtedly shocked at their usage.

I looked forward to the update, because I thought I could prove to my partner I don’t spend as much time on my phone as he thought. Guess who had the last laugh? Spoiler: he’s still laughing.

The move to Vietnam was for a fun new start, but I fell into the boring old habits.

We follow people so absent-mindedly on the app, then they become part of the content we consume on the daily. Some of these people become ex lovers or ex friends. In this age, we all want to seem so above it, and if you unfollow someone you appear to be the petty person. Let me tell you straight up: it’s okay to unfollow the “friend” that doesn’t make you feel good anymore.

You don’t have to see your ex’s thirst traps or flavor of the week. The new posts of your bff who ghosted you with your mutual friend’s they still talk to? Wipe that from your brain.

It was important to me to become the best version of myself, and right now, Instagram wasn’t doing that.

Get out of your phone, and step into the world around you. Call your parents, write some poetry, go dancing! Just do it all with a deleted Instagram.

While you’re at it, delete your Tinder, too.

Jenita is writer, photographer, director overall known as a creator. She enjoys all things pasta, tulle and menswear. You can often find her dancing to music that may or may not be playing and saying she’ll meet you at the bar but watching art-house cinema instead.

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