Our Apartment in Hanoi

We’ve been here for about 8 months now. One of those we lived in a hotel, 6 of those in a beautiful apartment, and now have decided to upgrade. Before I moved to Hanoi, I couldn’t find much real-person information or photos on an apartment in Hanoi. And because of that, I’m excited to show you our apartment in Hanoi.

What you see when you come through the front door.

Getting an Apartment

This was the easiest thing in the world. We made a post in one of the many Hanoi housing Facebook groups. Something like “looking for an apartment in Hanoi. 2 bedrooms. budget 500USD.” There were messages in our inbox before the day was over, we saw places the next day and were moved in by the weekend!

We loved the last place we were in. But, we really wanted a cat. Our landlord at the place we were at really didn’t want one in the flat. And that’s fine, we decided to leave.

our 9 week old angels Purrrsace and Gregg

Getting a New Apartment

We were able to use the same realtor we used prior, and had maintained our relationship with her. We let her know we were getting kittens, and were willing to up our budget. Two bedrooms. 700-ish.

I think we found the best place ever. It’s spacious, bright, in the flower market, and close to everything. They originally showed us this one, but expecting to rent the apartment across the hall. Once we saw this, however. We were in love with our new apartment in Hanoi.

Two bedrooms, three bathrooms, washer and dryer in unit, spacious balcony, cleaning twice a week, electric stove and a big oven. This place is ideal for us. We love to cook and host and it’s a great space for that.

We have more chairs in our bedroom as well
So cozy! Our couch in our last apartment was rock hard

The price was 800USD, and we got in down to 770. You can bargain everything, here.

I know 800USD does not sound like the price you come to Hanoi for. We’re both coming from New York City and like really nice things, so getting a two-bedroom at the same price we would be paying for a room (if you’re lucky) back home is a total steal!

There are a lot of really inexpensive rooms here where you can live with roommates and still feel like you have your own totally private place. Most of my friends pay around 250USD for their apartment in Hanoi.

Moving our things

I was determined to make it a one-day event. We were just moving about a mile up the same road. So we took as many trips on our motorbikes as we could. Very Vietnamese style. Then booked a big car for some of our larger items.

It was exhausting, but a bit fun at the same time! It was like packing for a motorbike trip a dozen times. We have so many bags and backpacks between the two of us, it was really helpful.

There are cars you can arrange in advance if you don’t want to do this, but we knew we could get it all done this way.

The view from our bedroom
A peek into our bedroom
How cute is this floating desk?

Overall, we’re so happy here. It’s almost been a month and every time I wake up or come home, I’m just so happy. The natural light, the artificial light options (warm light, people!), the location, and there’s always attendants downstairs so you don’t have to worry about your bike!

Are you as in love with your apartment as I am? Move recently? I’d love to hear about it! I’m also ready to host movie night. Now known as Beyonce did it again night.

Jenita is writer, photographer, director overall known as a creator. She enjoys all things pasta, tulle and menswear. You can often find her dancing to music that may or may not be playing and saying she’ll meet you at the bar but watching art-house cinema instead.

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