Da Nang and Hoi An summer break

What do you do with a random week off in July? Plan a trip to the beach, of course. A Da Nang and Hoi An summer break.

Da Nang

When my partner and I planned on moving to Vietnam, Da Nang was where it was going to be. It was everything I imagined Vietnam to be. Beautiful, cheap, seafood, beaches and culture. Of course, life never works out the way you think it will and we’re Hanoians currently.

Our second trip to the middle of the country did not disappoint. Other friends who had a break as well had the same idea. Da Nang on the brain…

First priority was getting a motorbike. The hotel we stayed at provided us with one and after, we were off. We didn’t have a destination but ended up doing a lot of the Hai Van Pass.

I highly recommend! The road was easy and the views were breathtaking. Like ripping a page straight out of my dreams.

Back in the city, we ate more mi quang than we could handle and maximized beach time.



Haka Hotel & Apartment – Clean, free breakfast and bicycles, rooftop pool and friendly staff.

Dylan Hotel Danang – Rooftop pool, clean, free breakfast, and friendly staff. They also upgraded our rooms.


Wanderlust Coffee & Cocktail Bar – Maybe one of my favorite cocktail bars ever. And I’ve had a lot of cocktails. Definitely get the starfruit drink, and the tequila drink, and the whiskey drink and the… you get the point.


Tacos Danang – They’re not Mexican tacos, but you’re in Vietnam! I think this is the superior taco spot in Da Nang. Great variety and really nice tortillas.

Mi quang ba mua – If you’re worried about street-side food but still want to try the local fare, this is where you want to go.

Aroma Restaurant – Italian food! We did have quite a bit of western food since we live in Vietnam but Aroma is genuinely good pizza.


Da Nang Sailing – We took a super fun boat trip around the Son Tra peninsula equipped with a beautiful charcuterie board, drinks and snorkeling equipment. Andrey and Yuri were great hosts and we can’t wait to ride with them again!

Hoi An

I adore Hoi An. Even though it’s packed with tourists and way more expensive than the rest of Vietnam, I can’t help it. It’s very “Cape Cod, but make it Asian.”

The food, the people, the beach, it’s all just good fun. There’s so much to see just walking around. And getting tailor made clothing! It’s hard to find exactly what I want in Hanoi so I’ve tried a few different tailors, but the ones in Hoi An are top notch.



River Palm Hotel & Villas – we’ve stayed here twice now. There’s a beautiful pool, free bicycles, free breakfast, it’s clean, and there’s a gorgeous bathtub.


Morning Glory – Very famous restaurant in Hoi An with a local menu. It books up fast, so call or stop by to make a reservation. I would eat here every day forever if I could. Get the prawn curry!

Miss Vy’s market – Designed to resemble a local market, Miss Vy’s has every Vietnamese food you could want. Along with vegetarian options of traditional foods.

Phi Banh Mi & Madam Khan – The Banh Mi Queen – You haven’t had banh mi until you have them here! How could I ever eat one in Hanoi again? The bread is perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The flavors will blow your mind. Honestly, I had a street banh mi at midnight and it was better than any I’ve had in Hanoi. Don’t skip the banh mis.

MIX Restaurant – It’s greek food and it’s good. I’ve never been to Greece so I can’t totally compare, but the feta was truly to die for. We couldn’t stop thinking about it the rest of our trip.


Ba Ri – We had a great time at Ba Ri. The ladies who helped us listened when I said I needed time, and gave their honest opinions about things. I had a pair of shorts made, a top and skirt, and a “wildcard” dress. All for about 3.1 VND. I was really impressed with all of the work. Day 1, we told them what we wanted, day 2 we tried on, and day 3 we picked up. They don’t bargain, so if you’re into that, go elsewhere.

This was one of the best trips I’ve had, I think. It was good times with friends and lovers. Filled with food and drinks and fun, I can’t wait to do it again.

Jenita is writer, photographer, director overall known as a creator. She enjoys all things pasta, tulle and menswear. You can often find her dancing to music that may or may not be playing and saying she’ll meet you at the bar but watching art-house cinema instead.

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